Friday, October 16, 2015


I used to be a software developer.  Systems engineer, code monkey, solutions developer, software analyst, my title had many names.

15 Years ago that was one of my biggest wishes:  to be a software developer.  To write code and make a difference to the computers and companies of this world.  My second biggest wish was to earn enough money to drive a BMW.  To me a BMW was one of the sexiest cars around.  I stuck a large photo of a BMW on my office wall, and worked day and night to achieve my dreams:  I taught myself basic computer code, picked the brains of those who were already experienced, made a pain and an arse out of myself, multiple times.  All so I could reach my dream.

And reach it I did.  One day I was presented with an award for best software development.  I was in awe, I was thrilled.  I had made it.  Soon after I could afford to buy a BMW.
I never bought my BMW:  by now I lived in South Africa.  And in those years a BMW was the most hi-jacked car in town.  In other words, far too dangerous to drive.  I bought a little Toyota instead.

Time went by, and I learned to hate the office politics around software projects.  I became unhappy, started comfort eating, became fat.

And one day a colleague asked me:  what would you like to do if you don’t want to do this anymore?  And I replied:  I want to own a gym.  He smiled, I smiled.  A crazy idea, totally impossible, you would need a lot of money to even start a gym, and no bank would lend me those funds.

But, a little voice said inside of me, why would it cost so much money?  You don’t really need expensive exercise machines, all you need is the money to study and become a qualified personal trainer.  So I qualified, and used my last $10 to buy a boxing bag on Trade Me.  Hung this boxing bag from the rafters, and placed an ad to let people know I was there for them.  A software analyst who was ready to analyse people and exercise.

And people responded, they came to see me and said:  please train me.  Over time more and more people said hey, I like your style, can you train me too?  Eventually I had too many people, and I opened a second fitness studio.  I developed a reputation, even more people came.  These days I have a waiting list of people.  Because I had a dream, I believed in myself, and that belief was recognised by others.

If anyone ever tells you something is impossible smile politely.  Then start thinking of a way to make it possible.

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