Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Your luxury item

I bumped into someone the other day who said she thinks personal trainers are a luxury item.  I was dumb struck.  Why would you think that I asked.

Well, she said.  Personal trainers are used only by the rich and famous, or those with lots of money.  Nobody really needs a trainer so it’s a luxury item.

I see, I said.  Do you ever eat take away’s, smoke, maybe have a few drinks?  Oh yes, she laughed.  All of the above.  And how much does that cost you on a weekly basis?  She thought about it, and calculated it works out to about $80 - $100 per week.  Can you do without them I asked.  Yes if I have to.  So, that makes them luxury items, and you spend a minimum of $80 per week on them.  A personal trainer would have cost you less than that.

On top of that, a personal trainer isn’t “just a trainer”.  Registered trainers are highly trained individuals who spent a lot of time caring for you, making sure you stay safe during your training sessions.  Because that is why you have a personal trainer:  someone who motivates you, and makes very sure you don’t get injured.  Someone who makes sure you learn all the right exercise techniques, and gives you advice on a healthier lifestyle.  All so you can enjoy a better life.

Be honest:  how many times have you been able to exercise but found you were too busy, it was too cold, too wet, too hot.  At least with a trainer you know you’ll get a good routine going, and stick to it.

Exercise and training is not all about weight loss folks.  Exercise makes you strong, gives you the energy to do whatever needs to be done, and improves your mood.  Now this last bit is very very important:  a good number of Basic Orange clients use exercise to prevent depression and anxiety.  When people leave my studio they are always smiling, their mood is more positive, and any problems milling in their mind when they arrived, solved.

Never, ever under estimate exercise.  Without it your bones will become brittle, your tendons and ligaments would no longer be able to support you.  You develop balance issues, your skin will hang off your arms and legs, and you are more open to disease.  The human body was made to move in order to remain functional, and the older you get the more important it is that you move regularly.

Because you see, your health is NOT a luxury item.  If you think it is just wait until you lose it.  Then come and see me.