Friday, May 22, 2015

Do you have culture?

Everybody has a weakness.  And I’m no exception:  I love cheese, I LUV yoghurt.

I’m in my element at a cheese and wine party.  But even more so when it comes to yoghurt:  creamy yummy yoghurt with strawberries, or lemon, or honey.  I use yoghurt as a quick “in between” snack, or as a pudding at the end of a meal.

Wow, you may think, she really does eat healthy.  So before you think that, STOP.  I went to the store last week, and found a whole new range of yoghurt’s on display.  They looked great, the container screamed “buy me”, the text on the packaging claimed you could not get healthier, eat this yoghurt and you will find eternal youth.

I picked up the container and read the ingredients.  And came to one shocking conclusion:  there was not one item, that’s right, not ONE item, that was natural.  I was looking at a long list of preservatives, thickening agents, stabilizers, citric acid, you name it.  I realised I was no longer looking at yoghurt but a chemical shit storm.  Am I disappointed?  Very.  The packaging made you believe this product is healthy whereas in reality it is anything but.

The next time you by something that claims it is healthy do yourself a favour, and look at the list of ingredients.  If you can’t pronounce the list, or it contains only numbers (those are preservatives), ditch the product!  If the ingredients are not natural, neither is the product.  Eating it will probably cause all kinds of allergic and/or auto immune reactions.
Which brings me to my next suggestion:  do you really want to eat something that is in a package?  Because that means it has been made in a factory.  And factories never contain good wholesome-ness.  What would happen if you ate products that were alive at some stage?  Like vegetables, chicken, beef, pork.  I tell you what would happen if you ate those products, and this is based on experience over the years:  you would get more energy, don’t feel the urge to snack as often, your stamina will increase tenfold.

So folks, let’s ditch the packaging and go back to the “good old days”.  The times when people cooked meals from raw products, and the only container in sight was a milk carton.  We live in a quick fix and “have no time” society, but if you don’t have time to eat healthy then you will have to make time to die.  Which would you prefer?

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